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TweetMyPC allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere
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TweetMyPC is a utility to control your PC remotely via the popular social network Twitter. You just tweet a message that represents a command, and this utility receives it in your PC and executes it transparently returning a response depending on the case. You simply install it and associate it with your Twitter and Gmail accounts, and you are set to start monitoring and controlling your PC while you are away (it is strongly recommended to use alternate Twitter and Gmail accounts in order to keep your primary user accounts and passwords private).

You can control options like shutdown, hibernation, and many more. From the official site you can view a list of commands. This utility also has a CustomCommand window, where you can create your custom commands to control programs or shell commands. For example, you can start your defragmenter program, or your FTP program with a URL and port as a parameter to start a download.

Some commands return an output string. When those are more than 140 characters long, this is when the e-mail comes into play. For instance, the "getprocesslist ", which lists all the running processes and process ID, just like the Task Manager.

This utility consumes a lot of RAM. The problems can start because of a faulty implementation, which allows many instances of it to be run at the same time, when only one is needed. If you start many instances, you will notice many icons in the Tray Bar.

Another problem you can face is when you need to repeat a command, because Twitter will respond with the "Whoops! You already said that..." error message.

Other than that, this utility is a powerful tool to perform various maintenance tasks, whenever you are away and not using your computer at home or the office. As soon as the "screenshot" command is available, you will also be able to monitor your children surfing safely on the internet.

This is a good utility for controlling you computer remotely. As the project continues to improve, we hope some issues are solved, because it has the potential to become an interesting option instead of the full-featured licensed programs.

Misael Aguilar
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  • Remote control for your PC with a simple tweet
  • Long list of commands
  • Ability to create custom commands
  • Program runs in the background


  • screenshot" command not available
  • ip" command returned external IP address error
  • You cannot retweet a command
  • Consumes relatively a lot of RAM
  • Many instances can be running at the same time
  • Installation is not as intuitive
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